We carry out most of the work required in house with the exception of some specialised machine work.

Engine Reconditioning:     Restrictions to some engine types / models apply. We can remove & replace your engine if required. All machine work of sub-assemblies will be sent to qualified machine shops to perform. eg. cylinder head valve guides/valve seat installation, re-bores, crank grinds etc.

There are several approaches that can be taken for engine re-builds.

  • Tear it down & repair what is required using budget parts (budget conscious)
  • Tear it down & go ballistic, replacing all the wear parts with OEM quality parts or better (re-built to new specs)
  • tear it down, replace & machine everything, use best quality parts, make modification for power or economy if requested (basically no expense spared)

We are comfortable with any of these methods and can work to your budget.

All engines are painted on completion unless they are unpainted as standard.

We will give you good advice on re-fitting your engine if we are not refitting. If we are available to come to your place once you are ready to start the engine, we can check the ignition & fuel systems are set-up correctly and ensure the oil system is primed before cranking it over. (additional cost involved & highly recommended) (the first 20mins of an engines life will determine the rest of its life)

General turn around time for a stock motor would be about 3 weeks depending on the machine shops. POA depends on engine complexity.

We are extremely fussy with our engine rebuilds, close enough is not good enough and we have never had an engine come back with problems. If you like our philosophy give us a call.

Our engines last longer.

   Engine Repairs:  Don't need a full rebuild, then we can also do partial repairs to the faulty components as well.

Call us to discuss your needs.

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