We have set-up an engineering corner in the workshop where we mill, lathe, grind, cut, weld and drill just about anything you can think of. We can manufacture and modify brackets for power steering, alternators or air conditioning units. What about carby adaptor plate mods or making new ones for specialised set-ups. Engine crankshaft or Camshaft thrust washer surfacing is no problem. We can shave .001" or more off your washer to give you the correct thrust clearances you need for that engine rebuild. If you need it flat - we can mill it, if you need it round - we can lathe it. We have upgraded and taken delivery of a 900mm lathe and is now operational. We are excited about the new machine which gives us a far greater scope of work we can do with the larger turning capacity.


We are not engineers, so complicated jobs are best left to the experts but if you need minor changes made to parts then we can help you out.

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