We have been using Flex-hones since 1980 to hone all our engine blocks and brake cyls, in fact any cylinder at all that has a round hole that needs a proper plateau surface finish.

We can hone any bore size from 6.3mm (1/4") up to 105mm (4 1/8")

The flex-hone offers many benefits over a stick hone with far superior bore finish with a perfect plateau structure. A list of major benefits are: 

  1. Instant ring seating and quicker run in period.
  2. Rings are not worn away as much during the bedding in and run in period resulting in longer life
  3. Bearings last longer due to less bore material in the oil, during the initial run in period till the first service. Don't be fooled into thinking the oil filter will trap all this debris that is a result of conventional honing. You would be surprised to know how much contamination exists in the oil after filtering.
  4. Better compression sealing
  5. Less blow-by
  6. Less oil consumption 

For more information on these hones follow this link.      

You may also want us to professionally clean the bores. This will incur an extra charge but is highly recommended. This cost covers the special fluids we use to clean the bores as well as lots of rag on a roll that will be required. We do not use hot water & soap which is the common method to clean bores. The bores rust almost immediately before a suitable lubricant can be sprayed on to protect the finish. After we finish honing & cleaning, the bores do not form iron oxide rust patches.

Please call us on 47 253 253 to arrange a time to do this work for you.

You will not regret having your bores honed with a flex-hone. We have a 100% satisfaction rating with all our customers that have flex-honed their bores.

We never everhone a bore with anything else but a


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