All engines need tuning and servicing on a regular basis to maintain fuel efficiency and engine longectivity. By keeping the engine in tune and serviced you will save fuel and hold off on those expensive engine repairs well into the future. Neglect the engine tune and your problems will compound and become not only more difficult and expensive to diagnose but also more expensive to repair.

We are Tuning Specialists going way back in time.

We have several pieces of equipment we can use to tune your vehicle.

The Bosch Motor Tester oscilloscope we use for older vehicles still using spark plug leads between the coil & spark plugs. We can conduct a complete & thorough diagnosis of the ignition, fuel & engine using this machine. It is also used to confirm that the final tune & adjustments are within specifications. It has an in-built 4 gas analyser for precise emission measurement, testing and adjustment.

We also have a portable Sun Tester oscilloscope used for other specific testing of wasted spark ignition systems. Portability makes it suitable for on road testing if required.

We use the latest Carmen AT tablet to plug into the ECU via the diagnostic socket to diagnose the more modern vehicles from the 1990's to today's high tech computer driven cars. This equipment can test sensors as well as connect to all the computers fitted to the vehicle and display live data as well as any fault codes stored on the computer systems.

The Bosch & Sun are also lab scopes and can be used for testing sensors while either in the engine or off. We have many other specialised gadgets to help us with diagnostics and adjustments of the engine tune and supplementary systems.

As you can see, we have an arsenal of equipment we can use to get your engine running right and diagnose most supplemenatry systems that are controlled by an ECU.

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